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How We Integrate Science

Respiration and Registration

In Session I, we primarily focus on the respiratory and phonation systems. We begin with anatomy. But we don't just teach you the terms, we teach you how each part functions. By front-loading the first day of the session, we provide plenty of time for repetition of the concepts to help you leave with a solid understanding of the ideas we present. 

Resonance and Articulation

In Session II, we dive into the anatomy and function of the pharynx, soft palate, tongue, jaw, and lips. Through Real-time MRI videos, animations, and a wide range of listening examples, participants will improve their listening, diagnosing, and troubleshooting abilities. Participants will learn how this information can be used to develop and/or free the belt voice in both men and women. 

Cadaver Lab

All participants are given an opportunity to visit the Shenandoah University Cadaver Lab and learn about anatomy first hand. You will be able to hold a larynx in your hands, view the human vocal tract, and possibly touch a diaphragm. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and for those who want to dig deeper, we offer a special continuing education course with Dr. David Meyer.

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