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In-Person Schedule

Before the Institute, you will watch pre-recorded video lectures covering the core content. That way when you arrive on campus we can focus on practical application. Videos will be available three weeks before the start of the Institute. Those with an asterisk (*) are optional, allowing participants to focus on their specialities along the way.

For participants who teach all styles, we recommend Sessions 1-3. This will give you a strategic approach developing CCM voices and how to guide singers of all styles. See the Session 3 Schedule for more information. 

Those who only teach musical theatre, can take Sessions I and 2 followed by the Musical Theatre Styles Course. This will give you a detailed view of the building process and how to apply that information to a wide range of musical theatre styles. See the Musical Theatre Styles Schedule for more information. 

You may also take Sessions 1-3 in-person and Musical Theatre Styles online to maximize your understanding of musical theatre and commercial stlyes.


Anyone can create their own adventure by selecting any combination of online and in-person courses. Many participants return for several years in a row to take advantage of the wide variety of courses we offer. 

Schedule is subject to change. 

Session 1

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Session 1

Pre-Session Video Lectures:

Functional Training & the Bel Canto Tradition: Is there a connection?* - Dr. Kathryn Green

Anatomy & Function Posture and Respiratory System - Marci Rosenberg and Dr. Wendy Leborgne

Mapping the Larynx and the Vocal Tract - Matt Edwards

Exercise Physiology and Motor Skills: Principles for training the vocal athlete - Marci Rosenberg

Belt Theory and Research* - Dr. Wendy LeBorgne

Teaching Mix and Belt - Matt Edwards

(* denotes lectures that are optional to help you tailor the experience to match your needs)


Saturday July 13th

9:00-10:30: The Artist's Purpose: Marcelle Gauvin and the CCM Faculty

10:30-10:45: Break

10:45-11:15: Teaching from Speech 

11:15-12:30: Small Group Listening

12:30-2:00: Lunch

2:00-2:45: Training at the Vocal Fold Level: Vocal Fitness, Wellness, and Exercise Physiology principles

2:45-3:45: Application with the CCM Faculty

3:45-4:00: Break

4:00-5:30: Body and Breath Workshop: Dr. Wendy LeBorgne, Marci Rosenberg, and the CCM Faculty

5:30-7:30: Dinner

7:30-9:00: Take Me Home Concert with the CCM Faculty (Goodson Recital Hall)

Sunday July 14th

9:00-9:30: Morning Q&A

9:30-10:30: Shades of Mix Masterclass with Matt Edwards and Jessica Baldwin

10:30-11:00: Break

11:00-12:30: Shades of Mix Masterclass with Julie Dean, Alison Crockett, and Jackie Edwards

12:30-2:00: Lunch

2:00-2:30: Masterclass Ed Reisert

2:30-3:30: Breakout Rooms on Mixing

3:30-4:00: Break

4:00-5:30: Wendy & Matt Belting 101

5:30-7:30: Dinner

7:30-9:00: Hampton Inn Pool Party: Pool nights are one of the highlights of the CCM Institute. A place where friendships are formed as participants from all around the world get to know each other and share their stories. 


Monday July 15th

9:00-9:30: Morning Q&A

9:30-10:30: The Artists Purpose Part II: Marcelle Gauvin and the CCM Faculty

10:30-11:00: Break

11:00-11:30: Intro to Small Groups

11:30-12:30: Breakout Sessions on Belting in rooms: The CCM Faculty

12:30-2:00: Lunch 

2:00-3:30: Belting Masterclass

3:30-4:00: Break

4:00-5:30: Developing the Foundation: Panel discussion with the CCM Faculty

5:30-7:30: Dinner

7:30-9:00: Open Mic Night: A highlight of the CCM Institute, bring music to sing, all styles welcome.  (Goodson Recital Hall)

Session 1
Session 2

Session 2

Pre-Session Video Lectures:

Black Roots of American Popular Music: Alison Crockett

Addressing Entanglements of the Vocal Tract: Matt Edwards

The Technical Ingredients of CCM Styles: Matt Edwards

Helping Clients Start Gigging*: Jess and Julie

Working with Young Singers*: Ed Reisert

(* denotes lectures that are optional to help you tailor the experience to match your needs)


Tuesday July 16th

9:00-10:30: Expanding the Artist's Vision: Marcelle Gauvin and the CCM Faculty

10:30-11:00: Break

11:00-11:45: Vocal Tract Drills

11:45-12:30: Vocal Tract Drills Small Groups

12:30-2:00: Lunch

2:00-3:30: Troubleshooting Scenarios (in main Hall): The CCM Faculty

3:30-4:00: Break

4:00-5:30: Masterclass: Kathryn & Matt

                       Helping Singers Cross-Over from Classical Training 

5:30-7:30: Dinner

7:30-9:00: Vocal Improv Night: Marcelle Gauvin and the CCM Faculty (Goodson Recital Hall)

Wednesday July 17th

9:00-10:00: Using SOVTs

10:00-10:30: Refining CCM Singers - Julie

10:30-11:00: Break

11:00-11:30: Refining CCM Singers - Alison

11:30-12:30: Troubleshooting scenarios 

12:30-2:00: Lunch

2:00-3:30: Lifetime Achievement Recipient Guest Lecture

3:30-4:00: Break

4:00-5:30: Lifetime Achievement Recipient Guest Lecture

5:30-7:30: Dinner

7:30-9:00: Hampton Inn Pool Party 

Thursday July 18th

9:00-9:30: Morning Q&A

9:30-10:30: Expanding the Artist's Vision Part II: Marcelle Gauvin and the CCM Faculty

10:30-11:00: Break

11:00-12:30: Refining CCM Singers

12:30-2:00: Lunch

2:00-3:30: Teacher Coaching

3:30-4:00: Break

4:00-4:45: Teacher Coaching

4:45-5:30: What to do after Session II

5:30-7:30: Dinner

7:30-9:00: Open Mic Night (Goodson Recital Hall)

Session 3

Session 3 (subject to change)

Pre-Session Video Lectures:

Crash Course - Jazz*

Crash Course - R&B and Gospel*

Crash Course - Rock*

Crash Course - Country, Folk, Americana*

Crash Course - Pop*

Crash Course - Singer Songwriters*

Crash Course - Musical Theatre*

Audio Technology - How Microphones and Audio Processing enhance the work of CCM performers

(* denotes lectures that are optional to help you tailor the experience to match your needs)

Friday July 19th

9:00-10:30: Transcribing Style 

10:30-11:00: Break

11:00-12:00: Getting into the Rhythm of CCM styles

12:00-12:30: Working with a Microphone

12:30-2:00: Lunch

2:00-3:00: Country with Julie

3:00-3:30: Jazz with Alison

3:30-4:00: Break

4:00-4:30: Jazz with Alison

4:30-5:30: Pop with Marcelle

5:30-7:30: Dinner

7:30-9:00: Vocal Improv Night - riffing: Alison Crockett (Goodson Hall)

Saturday July 20th

9:00-9:45: Introduction to vocal distortion

9:45-10:30: Keeping singer's voices healthy when singing aggressive styles - Marci

11:00-12:00: Songwriters with Jess

12:00-12:30: Rock with Matt

12:40-2:00: Lunch

2:00-2:30: Rock with Matt

2:30-3:00: Using Psychological Gesture in to Evoke Style

3:00-3:30: Musical Theatre 

3:30-4:00: Break

4:00-5:30: Musical Theatre

5:30-7:30: Dinner

7:30-9:00: Hampton Inn Pool Party 

Sunday July 21th

9:00-9:45: Turning Transcriptions into Influences

9:45-10:30: Teaching a Style You've Never Taught Before

10:30-11:00: Break

11:00-12:00: Exploring polarities to find your style

12:00-12:30: Teacher coaching

12:30-2:00: Lunch

2:00-3:30: Teacher coaching

3:30-4:00: Break

4:00-5:00: Where to Go From Here - Panel Discussion: The CCM Faculty

5:00-5:30: Certificates and final thoughts

6:00: Closing Night Celebration 50/50 Tap House in Downtown Winchester

Musical Theatre Styles

July 19 Saturday Day 1

9:00- 10:45: Welcomme, Character Report, Chekhov Psychological Gesture Exercise​, Cool Down Exercises

10:45 - 11:00: Break
11:00-12:30: Exercises/Vocalises, Vocal Stylisms, Effects, Onsets and Releases, Legit Singing (Traditional/Contemporary)
12:30 - 2:00: Lunch
2:00 - 3:45: Traditional Belt/Character Songs, Jazz/Blues Styles Singing, Vowels/Consonants
3:45-4:00: Break
4:00-5:30: Masterclass until 5PM then Q&A             
5:30 - 7:30: Dinner
7:30-9:00: Vocal Improv Night – Riffing: Marcell Gauvin, Allison Crockett and CCM Faculty


July 20 Saturday Day 2

9:00-10:45: Cross Train Exercises/Laryngeal Flexibility, Working with a Mic, Application
10:45-11:00: Break

11:00-12:30: Pop/Rock Styles, Extreme Sounds, Feeling the Groove
12:30-2:00: Lunch

2:00-3:30: Gospel/R&B Styles, Basic Riff Patterns
3:30-3:45: Break
3:45-5:30: Masterclass with Edrie (selected participants work individual song styles)
5:30 – 7:30: Dinner   
7:30-9:00: Hampton Inn Pool Party


July 21 Sunday Day 3

9:00- 10:45: Listening/Diagnose, Exercises/Stamina
10:45-11:00: Break 
11:00-12:30: Auditioning for Musica
l Theatre, Repertoire/Cuts, Application
12:30 - 2:00: Lunch
2:00-3:30: Country/Bluegrass Style, Accents in Musical Theatre
3:30-3:45: Break
3:45-5:00: Masterclass with Edrie (selected participants work individual song styles)
5:00-5:30: Closing
6:00: Closing Night Celebration at 50/50 Tap House

Working with Audio Technology

July 16 Tuesday Day 1 

Morning Session: 9am-12:30pm

1st Half:  Do you hear what you think you hear?  

  • A quick review of harmonics, formants, and vocal spectrums (made ridiculously simple);

  • Learn about "Signal Chain" (Mic, EQ, Compression, Reverb, Panning, Auto-Tune) and the way effects are used in modern performances (live performance, recording studio, opera).


2nd Half:  Understanding the Recording Studio Set-up and Capabilities (many terms from the morning session will be reviewed in the studio setting, which should help solidify participants' understanding of the equipment)


Afternoon Session (in the studio): 2-5pm

1st Half:  Choosing a microphone and Experience on both sides of the board (have participants go into the booth to sing along with a track while the class is in the control room to experiment with adjustments, making recommendations based on what they've learned so far.)

2nd Half: Continuation of Microphone “shoot-out”


July 17 Wednesday Day 2 

Morning Session: 9am-12:30pm

Setting up a basic live sound system -

  • A hands-on opportunity to set up the most basic variations of a basic sound reinforcement system

Afternoon Session 2-5pm

1st Half:  Tracking - We will go through the process of "tracking" a singer-songwriter 

2nd Half:  Editing - We will go through the process of combining the tracks from the morning's work and editing them into a final product.

July 18 Thursday Day 3 

Morning Session: 9am-12:30pm

Hands-On Mixing - Participants will record and remix Day 2's tracking session, their own tracks.


Afternoon Session: 2-5pm

1st Half:  Continuation of morning activities.


2nd Half:  Take the written test to assess topics learned

Musial Theatre Styles
Anatomy Intensive
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