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2022 Schedule of Online Courses 

  • Each class will meet synchronously weekly for approximately 2 hours on the appointed time and day listed above. The first classes will start on Saturday, July 3rd.

  • All classes will meet weekly as a large group on Friday at 7pm starting July 2nd until the end of the Institute on July 23rd. This will be a time for us to share our varied experiences and to learn in a larger forum. This meeting is component of the CCM courses 14 hours of content. 

  • Each class will be formatted by the individual faculty in slightly different ways but all courses will offer 14 class hours of content synchronously and asynchronously.

  • The content may be a combination of lecture, group tasks in breakout sessions, asynchronous lectures, class discussion, audio and/or videos outside of the synchronous Zoom meetings, and more. It depends upon the faculty running the course.

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