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The Vocal Athlete’s Guide to Vocal Fitness and Wellness

Taught by Marci Rosenberg
Class Dates: July 20, July 27, August 3
Class Times: Wednesday 4:00-6:30 PM EST
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This course will provide a comprehensive guide for any singer or singing teacher wanting to maximize vocal fitness and prevent vocal injury. At the end of this course, participants will have a solid understanding of general vocal health, risk factors for vocal injury, and how to stay vocally healthy. Additionally, participants will have a general framework for understanding how exercise physiology principles can be applied to vocal conditioning and strengthening. Participants will be provided numerous strategies and exercises to optimize vocal training and performance. This course will include asynchronous lectures, in addition to a significant amount of real-time virtual workshops, discussion, and Q&A.

Included within this course are:

  • A comprehensive overview of vocal health including risk factors for injury, vocal myths and truths, and how to manage illness when singing

  • Introduction of key exercise physiology principles and how these apply to voice training

  • A comprehensive introduction to semi-occluded vocal tract exercises (SOVT) and how to use them when training the voice. 

  • Common issues with voice fatigue will be discussed including how to identify, manage and prevent 

  • Live interactive workshops will allow participants to learn numerous variations of exercise physiology concepts and SOVT exercises including when and how to use them in a studio setting.  


The Vocal Athlete, 2nd Ed (or 1st Ed) is strongly recommended. 

This course will dovetail perfectly into Dr. Wendy LeBorgne’s Voice Disorders course. 

I cannot say enough about how the teachers at the CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute share their expertise so generously. As a classically trained vocal pedagogue I strongly recommend the CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute for any teacher who is or will be teaching contemporary voice. The Institute provides a sound, extensive, and well-structured program with a fine selection of topics. I came to the Institute to develop a more structured approach to my own singing, teaching, and University level curriculum development, and I am thrilled with what I have learned. I now have a strong foundation from which to build upon and new perspectives that will guide my teaching forward into the 21st century.

~ Dr. Irene Feher - Concordia University Dept of Music - Montreal QC Canada

Marci Daniels Rosenberg is a singer and licensed speech language pathologist and research investigator at our U-M Vocal Health Center. A voice and singing specialist, Marci works clinically to rehabilitate injured voices. After completing her undergraduate degrees in vocal performance and speech pathology, Marci was a research fellow in the Voice and Speech Lab at The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders before finishing her masters degree in speech language pathology.

Marci actively teaches workshops and lectures nationally in the areas of vocal health, performance voice, managing vocal injuries and application of kinesiology principals to voice therapy. She co-chaired the inaugural, international voice conference “Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation of the Performance Voice” in 2010. Marci has served on the faculty team for Somatic Voicework ™ The Lovetri Method at the Contemporary Commercial Music Institute at Shenandoah Conservatory for speech pathology and vocal health. She is co-author of the newly published singing science text book The Vocal Athlete (LeBorgne & Rosenberg, 2014) and the companion book The Vocal Athlete: Application and technique for the hybrid singer (Rosenberg & LeBorgne, 2014; Plural Publishing). In additional to clinic activities, Marci continues to perform and also maintains a private voice studio.

The community of CCM institute is unlike any other group I have attended. It was just what I needed to give me the lift and energy I'm looking for in my teaching for the upcoming fall. I just wish I could've taken all the classes. Will definitely be coming back in the future!!

~ Korianne Orton-Johnson - Brigham Young University

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