Communicating the Human Experience Through Song

All the technique in the world means nothing if the singer doesn't tell a story. At the CCM Institute we honor the African roots of popular music, we celebrate all genres and all cultural backgrounds, while emphasizing authenticity and being true to yourself. While the first two sessions are focused on the technique behind the voice, Session III explores the humanity behind the voice. 


Artistry Requires Authenticity

Authenticity: real or genuine; not copied or false; true and accurate; made to be or look just like an original

In a world dominated by mass media, it is easy to lose sight of being true to ourselves. Our faculty come from a wide array of backgrounds of music making and are committed to helping students find their authentic self in whatever they perform. That requires self-exploration, honest dialogue, and the support of a community who believe in what you have to offer. As voice teachers, we are part of that community and we can make a world of difference by cultivating what is unique in each student we encounter. In session III, Marcelle Gauvin leads teachers in discussions of what it means to be authentic and offers tips for cultivating aspiring artists in the voice studio. 

Jazz, Pop, Rock,

And we provide a village to help

Most importantly, we provide a village so you can connect with someone who understands the needs of your clientele

Kathryn Green
Professor of classical, MT, and CCM voice
Matt Edwards
Professor of MT and CCM Voice
Ed Reisert
Choral Director, Music Educator, Independent Studio (Classical and CCM) 
Marcelle Gauvin
Professor of Popular Voice, jazz artist, independent studio and music store owner
Tom Arduini
Choral Director, Music Educator, Independent Studio (Classical and CCM)
Julie Dean
Independent Studio, Singer-songwriter
Jessica Baldwin
Independent Studio, singer-songwriter
Jackie Zito
Professor of musical theatre voice,  independent studio